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Erin Wilson

Erin moves fast and break things... usually in a good way. :) Because to be better, you must first be different.

An evangelist at heart, she thrives in fast-paced startup environments with a strong get sh*t done culture. Professionally, Erin uses stories to challenge companies to creatively apply technology to their most strategic initiatives.

Erin is as comfortable with the written word as she is with a live audience. Her deftness for the "big picture" allows her to make both strategic and tactical decisions quickly, inspire her team to action, and to execute well - resulting in an abundance of high-quality content.

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Blueprint for the Contact Center of the Future

The IT guide for relevancy, resources, and results.

As businesses move more operations to the cloud, IT leaders are expected to be cloud contact center experts. Selecting an enterprise-grade solution for your business needs, while straightforward, isn’t a trivial task. In this book I liken the selection process to building your dream home.

The book provides strategic yet practical, step-by-step advice for anyone looking to improve their contact center. Building on a foundation of facts and furnishing with stories of successful business leaders, we keep an otherwise dry topic light and readable.

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The Sapient Salesman

Spinning Life into Lessons, One Tale at a Time

This collection of short stories, based on real-life events, showcase the salesmanship − or lack there of − in every-day interactions. Each story uses otherwise ordinary events to bring into question the sales tactics and interpersonal philosophies we employ and [perhaps] take for granted. Through the introspection they inspire, you will discover opportunities to improve your own sales practices − both personally and professionally.

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Blueprint for the Contact Center of the Future

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“... the book made me assess my own effectiveness in asking questions in general ... the author accomplished this through the use of light-hearted stories that allowed the message to be conveyed in a manner that resonates ...”


Verified Sapient Salesman purchase

"Besides Erin's business expertise, Erin is an outstanding person with unlimited energy and the drive to go the extra mile. Erin has a great presence and understanding in dealing with people in all areas including Operations, IT, Finance and Senior Management."
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Jim Lyons

Managing Director, Global Systems Integrators (retired)

Change of pace sales book and that's what makes it special

"As an avid reader of sales books, Sapient Salesman was a refreshing change of pace while still driving home essential sales thinking and methodologies that can be executed in nearly any industry ..."

Ryan Lowe

Verified Sapient Salesman purchase

Must READ for successful contact center and CX!

"Easy read guide with compelling and significant details for achieving outstanding CX and successful IT engagement! This guide provides very helpful details for organizations to achieve outstanding CX and migrate to the cloud ..."


Blueprint enthusiast

"Erin is one of a kind. She contributes highly-technical, business-centric, customer-oriented, people-pleasing, and knowledgable input to projects that offer clients a compelling and unique perspective. On many occasions I have seen her achieve things that others said were not possible."
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Rix Ryskamp

Former colleague at inContact