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Erin Wilson

Erin took the long way to sales. After completing degrees in Applied Math (BS) and Computer Science (MS) at Illinois Institute of Technology, she toggled titles at several start-up software and technology companies. During her career, Erin has held roles ranging from Product Evangelist to Business Partner Enabler to Sales Engineer, and has conducted seminars on sales methods and techniques. While she has written for several blogs over the years, The Sapient Salesman - Spinning Life into Lessons, One Tale at a Time is her first book. When not writing or selling, Erin enjoys outdoor activities such as trolling for coconuts and poolside parties, but her favorite hobby is recreational debating. Verbally fencing with a skilled opponent - using common sense and shared experiences to carry the argument - is one of her favorite pastimes and was partially the inspiration for her book. She currently lives in Miami, Florida.

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“... the book made me assess my own effectiveness in asking questions in general ... the author accomplished this through the use of light-hearted stories that allowed the message to be conveyed in a manner that resonates ...”

Change of pace sales book and that's what makes it special

"As an avid reader of sales books, Sapient Salesman was a refreshing change of pace while still driving home essential sales thinking and methodologies that can be executed in nearly any industry ..."

A More Human Look at Selling

"If you are looking for a book that can help you make a more human connection during your sales activities, you will find this book a fun way to learn from the experience of others."


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