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The Flood

on: 06 January 2015

Inside the kitchen sink Ralph installed a metal shelf. I don’t know what they are called, but trust me you’re familiar with the device − the grid-looking thing that keeps the dishes from sitting directly on the sink bottom. Anyway, I got to cleaning the other day and realized the sink’s surface could really stand a cleaning. Lazy, as usual, I figured it faster to just fill the sink with a little hot water, a splash of bleach, and some dish soap and let science do the scrubbing for me. So I plug up the drain, flip on the faucet, and head outside to see what Ralph is up to.  

Shortly before my 16th birthday, following a Calculus lecture on integrals, I discussed a problem with a friend that asked us to determine the time until impact of a projectile based on the rate of change of the object's shadow. For the purposes of this story you can ignore why math frequently sneaks its way into my conversations, but as you might imagine, there was mocking involved. When challenged to deliver a practical application for this calculation, I came up with the following totally plausible scenario: say Freddy Kruger is chasing you and after you manage to duck behind a bush you wonder how much time you have left to live... without Calculus you wouldn't know until it was too late! 

I cook well. Baking, not so much. Which is odd given the fact that baking is very formulaic, you measure the ingredients, heat at a specific temperature for a pre-determined amount of time. Yet that’s precisely what I don’t like about it; I find recipes too restricting and seldom use them, and prefer to instead just learn about the ingredients and make my own decisions about what goes in the pot. 

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