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You can't go to Brazil and *not* buy a bikini... or two, right? My trip mates concurred, and with that we established Sunday afternoon's mission. I figure, if any single garment will motivate me to move my bum it's a Brazilian bikini bottom. Consequently I found a suitable suit quite quickly. My girls, however, were a bit more particular. Several shopping hours later we found ourselves slap happy and mall walking, where we stumbled upon a lightly patronized shop. While Kleo and I competed to see who could hold their arms out the longest, our comrade hit the fitting room hard and, before long, emerged donning a darling little number. She did a lap around the store, scored several compliments, and scurried back to evaluate her remaining items. Neither Kleo nor I thought anything of this because, after 4 min, the arm game consumed most of our focus. 

Erin Wilson is the author and publisher of the Sapient Salesman

A "sapient salesman"?

 A sapient salesman is tasked with being a psychologist, technologist, empathist, humorist, conversationalist, and a dozen other “ists” in the course of practicing their salescraft. Most people can’t wear that many hats, and these tidbits are designed to minimize your millinery mandates. Read more

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Look for The Sapient Salesman: Spinning Life into Lessons, One Tale at a Time on later this year!

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