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Have you ever spent an evening in a heated discussion with your spouse only to find yourself standing alone in the kitchen wondering how the hell, after all that, they managed to completely miss your point? It’s even worse when this happens at work. You spend months carefully crafting a project plan, developing specific use cases and mile stones to track progress, and yet when it’s time to roll it out, much to your dismay, the idea of the solution proves way cooler than its actuality. This has been happening since I was 6 when I suspected Santa was the victim of identity theft and, even worse, my dad was the perpetrator. I call him out on it and sure enough, I get the truth so there I am, in Kindergarten, feeling bad for all my friend’s parents who have gave and gave with no credit for their efforts. Yeah... I might have been the one who missed the point then, but give me a break, I was 6! 

Someone asked me recently how I “got this way," and while I'm sure I responded with some sarcastic retort, the question did cause me to reflect on how I became such a stubborn sell. After some thought I've come to the realization that Folgers Coffee is the reason I ingest ads with such cynical skepticism. You see, one afternoon when I was about 9, I stayed home sick from school. I remember the events quite vividly. I was laying on the love seat watching David the Gnome on Nickelodeon while my dad was sleeping (he worked nights) when a commercial for Folgers instant coffee came on TV. 

I had the unusual and quasi entertaining experience of joining the Sapient Substitute, Joe, and a new prospective client for dinner last night. Joe had just returned from Dreamforce and eagerly shared his new found CRM clarity. Having been thoroughly acculturated, and ready to leap into the fray, it was nearly impossible to keep a straight face during the story that ensued. Bring on the potential customers, he began, is such a great product that people will queue up around the block to buy it. The client arrived just following this proselytism.

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