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on: 31 December 2010

Just before commencing my journey back to Chicago, I attended one final meeting at corporate HQ where, in light of my raging head cold, was warned that without proper medication I was liable to rupture an ear drum on the flight home. My ears were aching at the time, and I hadn’t exactly gotten much sleep the two previous nights, so I may have over-heeded this warning, but the whole idea really gave me pause. Sugar offers some sort of accidental death and dismemberment insurance while traveling for work, but does that policy protect against accidental deaf and dismemberment too? Furthermore do eardrums even grow back? I mean I have contingency plans in place for the untimely loss of many core functions: the one handed keyboard will accommodate the occasional phalange injury, a roller skate secured to a bum leg allows my bowling approach to roll forward, even a series of pulleys are placed on standby should I ever find myself without the capacity to self hoist, but frankly I’m not sure what I’d do to synthesize hearing in a pinch.

People who know me know, you can count on one hand the number of things for which I will voluntarily cease slumber before 9am. Shopping tops the list. More specifically warehouse sales; combine spectacular savings and summer mother daughter bonding, and you have yourself a solid reason to get up and go. This year my mom and I expand our H2O+ posse when we called Maggy up from the minor league ranks of Wilton Tent Sale roster. You see, the H2O+ sale is an event. We’ve been going for years, and have braved everything from freezing rain to sunburn and dehydration while waiting for our turn in the warehouse, and the experiences have bred certain wisdom. 

On Saturday I attended BARcamp Chicago, which, if you’re not familiar, is just about the geekiest thing you can imagine. Think code sprint, but with talks on everything from electronics to physics to debates about vitalization best practices. At least the beer started flowing at noon. A combination of curiosity and a karmic desire to bond with the people who keep the Internet running drove my patronage of this event where, for the first time ever, many of the strangers I introduced myself to had heard of SugarCRM! In retrospect, given the pro-open source nature of the group the name recognition wasn’t too shocking but, despite a keen understanding of databases, I was amazed by how few attendees really understood the value of Sugar, or CRM in general for that matter. So my best intentions notwithstanding, I, once again, found myself a sales enablement evangelist. 

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