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Repeat Business

on: 15 January 2011

I spent the last week out at corporate headquarters where, among other things, I reimplemented my old habit of hoarding receipts and fulfilling my quarterly restaurant patronage quota. Halfway through my first Californian lunch of the new year I realized wasn’t issued a receipt for my sandwich. Where I come from such a party foul would result in my entitlement to a free lunch, but not here apparently. As I joked about my displeasure with such a small establishment strong arming me into returning, I remembered a conversation from earlier in the day where we discussed the merits of automatically renewing the contracts for our smallest customers.

Call Me Maybe

on: 13 July 2012

This weekend’s mission, also the reason I’m so late to publish, was simple: acquire an apartment. While boasting about the 9 appointments between Friday afternoon and Saturday morning I made while perched on Gino's couch I came across a kindred spirit and jokingly suggested we team up. Five shitbox-on-a-stick tours later, I reconsidered the jokingly aspect of my remark, and serendipitously Clark shared my disappointment in the square footage to price ratio offered near the office. During Saturday’s tour-de-Cupertino we entertained unfiltered questions, identified an intersection of domicile requirements, and toyed with the minds of several salesman. 

Fiber Rocks

on: 01 August 2012

Just moments before departing for the airport following my first un-official night at Pied-à-terre de Peebles, something amazing happened! I encountered my first door to door salesman, or in this case, a couple of saleswomen - both my age, one geeky and one a looker. They stopped by to ask me how my home phone service was treating me. I forgave this blatant failure to use CRM, and informed them I'd only just gotten my keys to the place and currently have no utilities. The conversation that ensued was so simply amazing, I’m a little upset I had to cut it short. 

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