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Tuesday, 17 September 2013 00:33

Who's Selling Whom?

Last Friday I witnessed first hand a formal battle between “flirting for sport” and “flirting with purpose.” While one of the SB Coterie did his thing across the bar, I leaned on a table an toggled my focus between him and Sports Center. After a few minutes a very tall bloke shimmied past me and mumbled something about my shoes being quite tall as he made his way to the bar to order a drink. Never one to forgo an opportunity for extroversion, I requested he repeat himself thereby initiating a conversation of sorts. You should know, at this point I’m like 90% sure he’s tangentially affiliated with the boys, but even if he wasn’t the fact that I was literally surrounded by a crew of companion cops… left me kinda cocky. So when he quickly turned conversation to one of solicitation, I couldn’t resist playing along. 

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Thursday, 05 September 2013 12:57

Bookbag Expedition

My night went something like this: realize I’ve been in Miami 6 months, vow to reconsider the cupboards of shit that have gone untouched, start tearing thru the kitchen. The easiest project to tackle was the booze and book cabinet, so I did. Don’t worry, no liquor was lost during the execution of this mission. After review, my once mini library went micro and 25 lbs of overflow literature got loaded up for the library. I consulted Google to confirm location and operating hours, strapped on a backpack, snagged my skates, and took off. The rollerblades lasted about 5 blocks before I became convinced the displaced center of mass would land me on my ass. I plodded the next 15 blocks in flip-flops, in vain; for thru the sweat I saw a sign saying the library closed at 6pm. I tried to play it off - maintained stride as I turned the corner before putting the book bag down to take a drink and regroup. The denial continued for a good 30 seconds during which time I reviewed the entrance three or four times; I couldn’t believe there wasn’t so much as a book drop slot for me to unload - albeit anonymously - into. 

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