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Monday, 26 August 2013 20:38

Stand Your Ground

So this is great. My day started out pretty uneventfully: wake up, shower, cab, pre-check, admirals club, fly, admirals club, fl… almost. As I waited to take off on an American Eagle flight from ATL to LGA it got interesting; a woman in the back with a questionable child restraining device experienced a [probably not] fleeting moment of stupid. It began pretty benignly. The flight attendants, as I imagine protocol would dictate, consulted the manual - and later an FAA rep - to determine whether the booster seat was compliant. A brief investigation followed several careful readings of the handbook before the final decision was made. I can’t be sure of the official safety seat verdict, but during the course of events the lady grabbed one of the investigating agents. The team briefly huddled to discuss, then asked her to deplane. Naturally the lady chose to stand her ground. By my count three separate people asked her to follow them off the plane. The fourth and final request established a two minute warning and a call to the Atlanta Police Department. 

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Tuesday, 20 August 2013 18:04

Shopping Hungry

Following a last minute trip cancellation, I found myself in Miami with a full appetite and an empty fridge. Just as I was about to embark on a Publix run, I received a much awaited call from Colter, who - as he often does - got me all wound up. I hung up too hyper to *just* grocery shop so I decided to take the long way to the store. My 3.6 mile walkabout proved more fruitful than I originally planned. I made the mistake of getting a cart, it makes me cocky and I fail to assess the additive force of the load. The problem started in produce, where I decided to buy 3 different kinds of melons, cruised thru the orange foods, grabbing an assortment of mangoes, carrots, and habanero peppers, before stopping by the meat department to restock the my protein supply. About the time I hit up the rice aisle, I realized I was in trouble. As I stood there holding three bags totaling 5 lbs of rice, it dawned on me that that weight paled in comparison to the pile of produce present in the cart. I decided to stop browsing, grab the remaining refrigerated items I required, and head home. 

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Monday, 12 August 2013 00:05

Calculating Return

Last week a buddy of mine called to tell me he broke it off with his lady. The news surprised me because last I heard they were having a good time and he seemed pretty happy, so I asked for the story. Apparently the captivating company and superb shags wasn’t enough since “[he’s] not gonna marry her.” I’m like: “Dude - she roots for your football team. Who cares if she’s 25 and doesn’t wanna get married this week. Why not enjoy yourself?” See I’m of the opinion that - with personal relationships in particular - the investment itself *is* the return. I mean when you make a new friend, do you immediately think to yourself “oh well, in 10 years she’s gonna move to the burbs, buy a cat, and prevent me from ever visiting... so why bother joining that bowling team, the friendship can’t go anywhere, I’m just wasting my time!”? Of course not! 

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Monday, 05 August 2013 22:51

Plausible,' eh?

During a sales training last week we participated in an exercise where teams had to present a “plausible emergency” designed to scare prospects into demanding a feature of our offering that we, uniquely, provide. Everyone did alright, mostly choosing to hate on hurricanes and play the disaster recovery card, which is fine, but I got the feeling Jani - our workshop “coordinator” - had become a little too spoiled by the willingness of folks to accept “plausibility” in a workshop setting. So day three rolls around and she announces that they’d rented the adjoining conference rooms for teams to utilize during breakout sessions; my team was assigned one such room. We neither wanted nor needed a room though. Team Tactful, who used sunlight to illuminate our bright ideas, was perfectly content working from the chaise lounges, poolside. Jani objected. 

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