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Monday, 27 May 2013 23:41

Strategically Stubborn

To this day I remain surprised by the frequency with which I find myself in conversations concluding with everyone in violent agreement and yet days, if not hours, later the demonstrated behavior bears no resemblance to the practices each party so passionately preached. But today, I think I figured out why! Salesmen, especially the successful ones, share a unique mixture of stubborn, habitual, and self-centered behaviour. This trifecta - arguably the successful symptomatic subset of full-blown narcissism - allows us to roll with the punches, persevere amidst defeat, and blow out our numbers quarter after quarter. These qualities, genuine personality traits as they are, don’t limit their manifestations to the workplace. Nope, they’re with us every day. Which, incidentally, is what allowed me to arrive at this week’s epiphany. 

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Monday, 20 May 2013 01:24

Jack and Jill

How and why isn’t relevant to this story, but for context, you should know two things. 1) I broke my ankle the other day. And 2) several weeks ago I stepped on a piece of candy before leaving for Utah. So I’m on crutches because hopping is unreliable, I’m not allowed to put weight on it, and frankly without them, I’m seriously risking injury to my one remaining good leg. Right, so crutches. Yippee. After 6 days of rationing the two pizzas I ordered last Tuesday I decided it was time to leave the house to evaluate the possibility of grocery shopping. I choose the Walgreens on the corner as the venue for my Publix dry run, but not for the reasons you think... 

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