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Monday, 29 April 2013 23:20

The Satiated Salesman

I’m sure you’ve noticed, given the apparent abandonment of my weekly cadence, writing has been more difficult for me lately. While walking about the beach the other night I think I figured out why. So I’m walking right, and in a flash I remember something that makes me laugh out loud: historically the impetus for Sapient Salesmaning. I made a note on my phone and continued on my way, weaving my way thru the crowds and working out the details of the post as I went. Then during my return trek I hear the call, today’s dance hits playing - as they do nightly - from one of South Beach’s many outdoor clubs, and decide I’m too hyper to pass up the opportunity to jump around a bit. Dancing leads to stretching, stretching to wanting water, water to the bar, the bar to strangers, and strangers to conversation. Over the course of this conversation I inevitably think of the story again, which I share with these single serving friends. That’s right - I use up the “good telling” on people, not paper. 

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Monday, 01 April 2013 06:00

Typical Salesman

While perusing twitter this morning I found an article about a small town in middle America that was experiencing some unexpected outcomes as a result of a recent social program they implemented. In response to ongoing complaints regarding the demographics reported in the 2010 census, the city council decided to fund a scholarship program for certain minorities. Please hold your applause, because the real agenda here was barely hidden. You see the closest university included in the program was in the next town, about 100 miles away. This fund was just a not-so-clever ploy to “bleach” the population of this charming little town. 

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