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Monday, 23 December 2013 21:28

Nice and Happy

On my flight to Dallas I got to talking with a dead heading captain about why I try to avoid connecting thru the metroplex. The conversation led me to share an epiphany about “nice” people I had the last time I visited SLC. You see, generally speaking, I’m a happy person. I smile, giggle, and even occasionally jump up and down; I get, and often am, excited about life. Yet even as a turbo extrovert, who longs for conversational companionship, I can - as it turns out - be happy all by myself. Nice, on the other hand, nice requires others to participate. You can’t just go around being nice to yourself. Nope, if you want to “be nice” you need to involve someone else. 

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Monday, 16 December 2013 07:57

Exceptionally Eccentric

Right now I’m jetting along at 38,000 feet on my way to spend, what’s sure to be, a delightful hour in SeaTac before turning about and flying home; today marks the date of my 2013 AAdvantage EXP miles run. While watching Jobs, for the third time flying, I partook in a very fruitful conversation with American. I sought to confirm my return was indeed on the same plane as my - delayed - outbound flight and the folks on the AA twitter desk graciously facilitated my contingency plan (a 2320 thru DFW) while researching the return aircraft. By the time I finished my filet all was well flightwise, and by the time the movie concluded I was well on my way to a Bacardi fueled bout with existentialism. 

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Thursday, 05 December 2013 15:07

Just try and go...

Remember when you were a kid and, before you headed out somewhere, your mother would insist you pee. It didn’t matter how recently you had just gone, or how plausible your promise to make it til you got there was, eventually the conversation would devolve, she’d drop a “just try and go,” and off to the potty you’d prance. As an adult who walks most places I’ve grown to appreciate the philosophy; before I leave the house, see a doctor, or get on a plane, I do my best to make sure nothing will stand between me and whatever mission I’m about to set out on. So you can imagine my retort when an ultrasound technician insists that I pop off to the toilet before we continue the procedure. “Because this is the thing,” I said… “I JUST PEED, not more than 10 minutes ago. I swear, I even know where it is… 4 doors down on the left.” I don't know why I was so adamant about not going, I guess I just assumed she thought I was lying. I even paused to give it a good think over after which I became even more convinced: “I [didn’t] have to pee, I promise!” She rolled her eyes and instantly became my favorite person as she placed the ultrasound instrument square on my bladder and goes: “See there’s pee in there! Now go try, I promise you’ll pee.” I laughed all the way to the bathroom. Can’t argue with science. 

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