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Monday, 20 August 2012 16:52

Don't Demo

So I’m in New York City at the CRM Evolution show last week and this guy comes into the booth and starts talking to one of the other girls. After about 10 min, she comes over to me indicating that the gentleman had requested to see a demo of Sugar and asked if I would mind taking this one. I said, “Sure! What does he want to see?” and got a “I donno, just a basic demo of Sugar... he just wants to see what the application does.” I’m sure a combination of trade show fatigue and jet lag contributed to the absentee response to my follow on inquiry regarding what the gentleman does, or perhaps what his business hoped to achieve with CRM, but I agreed to jump in anyway. This was the second time in an hour my expectations of a qualified handoff were met with an eye roll, and it reminded me that I’d recently been challenged by a few inside sales reps to “prove” that, what they affectionately refer to as “Erin’s line of questioning,” could indeed produce more fruit than frustration in a sales situation. Where better to prove my theory than a trade show floor. 

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Monday, 13 August 2012 14:34

Power to the Peebles

Last week I woke up after a 13 hour jet lag recovery sleep session in Munich to a text message from my painter that read: 'Just a heads up someone came and turned off your power and water today, don't worry tho I took your food home with me. Just let me know when it's back on so we can finish!' Even half awake I correctly surmised that it was still August 1st in California, and if memory served Ferdinand, the landlord's broker, said not to deal with the utilities until the first. Needless to say it look little further nudging to rocket me from zero to feisty, and much to my delight said nudge awaited me in text message #2 in the queue. This one from Ferdinand, who wrote to report he successfully scheduled the gardener, electrician, and carpet cleaner to come the next day. Unable to imagine a set of three contractors more in need of electricity and water, I fired back quick notes, and turned my attention to PG&E. 

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Wednesday, 01 August 2012 04:29

Fiber Rocks

Just moments before departing for the airport following my first un-official night at Pied-à-terre de Peebles, something amazing happened! I encountered my first door to door salesman, or in this case, a couple of saleswomen - both my age, one geeky and one a looker. They stopped by to ask me how my home phone service was treating me. I forgave this blatant failure to use CRM, and informed them I'd only just gotten my keys to the place and currently have no utilities. The conversation that ensued was so simply amazing, I’m a little upset I had to cut it short. 

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