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Monday, 23 July 2012 16:55

Car Free

Failing to unify a company on a single, thoughtful, CRM system doesn't just introduce inefficiencies, it can make your organization straight up irritating. I'm a loyal patron of Grossinger Toyota North, and not just because 15 years ago my mother wrote a sternly worded letter to Toyota corporate and we now get 10% off all service: parts and labor. A real 10% too, the conspiracy theorist in me frequently obtains 3rd party validation of the "Monica Wilson" discount. Perpetual coupons aside, Grossinger sold me my first new car 10.5 years ago with a whopping three miles on it. When I found out I'd be moving to California, I decided to retire the Rav, so I stopped by good ol' Grossinger and solicited an appraisal. After a 10 minute booting process, the guy punched my information into some antiquated application accessed on his CRT equipped computer, and we established the going rate for what amounted to a 10 year and 4 month, 67,000 mile rental. 

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Tuesday, 17 July 2012 21:10

Swimming in Doubt

You can't go to Brazil and *not* buy a bikini... or two, right? My trip mates concurred, and with that we established Sunday afternoon's mission. I figure, if any single garment will motivate me to move my bum it's a Brazilian bikini bottom. Consequently I found a suitable suit quite quickly. My girls, however, were a bit more particular. Several shopping hours later we found ourselves slap happy and mall walking, where we stumbled upon a lightly patronized shop. While Kleo and I competed to see who could hold their arms out the longest, our comrade hit the fitting room hard and, before long, emerged donning a darling little number. She did a lap around the store, scored several compliments, and scurried back to evaluate her remaining items. Neither Kleo nor I thought anything of this because, after 4 min, the arm game consumed most of our focus. 

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Friday, 13 July 2012 03:45

Call Me Maybe

This weekend’s mission, also the reason I’m so late to publish, was simple: acquire an apartment. While boasting about the 9 appointments between Friday afternoon and Saturday morning I made while perched on Gino's couch I came across a kindred spirit and jokingly suggested we team up. Five shitbox-on-a-stick tours later, I reconsidered the jokingly aspect of my remark, and serendipitously Clark shared my disappointment in the square footage to price ratio offered near the office. During Saturday’s tour-de-Cupertino we entertained unfiltered questions, identified an intersection of domicile requirements, and toyed with the minds of several salesman. 

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Monday, 02 July 2012 14:44

Throw Aways

Travel enough and you'll eventually find yourself forced to stay outside your preferred points program. As was the circumstance that lead to my partaking in what Westin calls a "heavenly shower." Guilt trip on a spigot is more like it! Drawing the shower curtain reveals not one, but two, identical shower heads; not in the airline lounge, body or rain spray configuration either. Both are fed from the same pipe. Odd to say the least, but I figured Westin’s clientele must contain considerable quantities of back-of-the-tubbers who outright demand this shoot-some-water-over-her-head functionality. Hey, to each their own, right? 

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