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Monday, 23 April 2012 16:03

Blue Jeans Babe

Last week I had the pleasure of taking one of my best friends on a clothing safari. Ajax's recent return to his fighting weight has left his pants' fit falling short. On our mission we pursued jeans, a previously unexplored clothing archetype. In the decade I've known the man, I never noticed this gap in his wardrobe. In fact I didn't believe him at first, and then I witnessed his updated UX. "You're right," I exclaimed with Cheshire grin, "I've never seem you in jeans before, 'cause *this* I woulda remembered." 

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Monday, 16 April 2012 12:36

Cutting Corners

Some people call it trust, others write it off as “having faith,” I prefer to think of it as being efficient, but in the end, all the rationalization in the world won’t save you from the chaos caused by neglecting to review the information others share. When I heard how a Google skim-job and haste-fully chosen hotel room left Mary with a reservation in Santa Fe, New Mexico instead of the Santa Fe neighborhood of Mexico City, I thought: “Great Sapient!” Mary's story carried top billing for two days, until my laziness played directly into Chuck’s hand and set me up to “one up” her. 

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Monday, 09 April 2012 20:16

It Takes More Than a Long Stick

Last week this guy I know found himself deep into a sales engagement where he mistakenly thought he had the upper hand. As the buyer’s journey waned on, the prospect grew impatient, as each party thought the other was tasked to take the next step. Each time the prospect inquired about meeting times, the “salesman” would just turn the conversation elsewhere, often wasting time reviewing the logistics of unrelated tasks. 

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Sunday, 01 April 2012 20:39

Modern Messaging

Yesterday my good friend Tim celebrated one year of marital bliss by inviting friends to share in a night of cupcakes and dance. Over the course of the evening I met several interesting people, shared stories of travel adventures, and even succored a gentlemen struggling to appreciate the cloud. The night’s most memorable exchange explored the dance between literality and nuance required to successfully chitchat with proper nerds. The last month really opened my eyes to this struggle; I’ve done a lot of writing, even more reflection, and I’m more excited than ever to get back out there and further Sugar’s position among our partners, clients, and community. While fashioning the necessary collateral to support this quest, I couldn’t help but wonder how the messaging of our various marketing campaigns fit together. 

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