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Monday, 30 January 2012 19:38

Spring Cleaning

My maternal instinct manifests itself in odd ways. Last week I decided to buy a Roomba, affectionately named Hygieia. I set Hygieia on her inaugural run Friday and immediately morphed into a total “mom.” As she scurried under my couch I worried she’d get tangled in the cables, or worse, trapped in the milk crate that holds up my lamps, so I literally followed the vacuum around tidying ahead of her arrival, and I quickly learned what Hygieia could and could not handle. I made the necessary adjustments to the room configuration and after today’s highly successful run not only am I totally hooked, but I was inspired. While Hygieia rid the living room of errant bird seed and feathers, I took on the cardboard cluttering up my kitchen, making this the most successful joint cleaning effort this house has ever seen. 

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Wednesday, 25 January 2012 00:52

Conversation Loop

Today I got caught in a conversation loop. It went something like this: phone rings, I say “hello.” The caller identified themselves to which I respond with a “Hi, how are you?” Then at the same time that someone walked into the room the caller replied with “I’m fine, Erin, how are you?” To compensate for my distracted state, my autopilot kicked in and I replied with “Good and you?” It’s pretty sad when carefully honed social automation like this backfires; thankfully the caller caught me and laughed, which knocked me back into the conversation. 

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Tuesday, 17 January 2012 14:57

Snail Mail

The generally accepted theory for exercise would have us believe that simply walking one hour every day will help keep you in shape. Others find elevators and indoor climate control at fault for modern waist sizes and allege that simply climbing stairs and shivering can help offset the “comfort food” that plagues winter cuisine. Both seem reasonable and support the move more, weigh less theory of thinness. But then I have ask, why, in nearly 29 years of living in Chicago, where the weather oscillates daily, and just about every door resides a good 5 stairs above ground level, have I never once had a fit mailman? 

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Tuesday, 10 January 2012 19:14

Free For Nothing

Oh, January! The time of the year when sales organizations across the land come together to kick start new initiatives, unveil priceless programs, inject new life into their teams, and do some serious beer based bonding. This week marks my third Sales Kick Off at SugarCRM, so you can imagine my excitement when a successful stand-by mission propelled me to SFO two hours ahead of schedule. Upon my arrival at the hotel, fueled by several liters of water, I marched up to the front desk seeking an expedited check-in. The clerk obliged, handed me my room key, and I scurried to my room where I was greeted by some curious closet contents. Right there hanging next to Kimpton’s trademark leopard print robe hung some guy’s dry cleaning! 

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Sunday, 01 January 2012 16:56

Booster Shot

Holiday support coverage means working odd hours, and Friday I decided to volunteer for the late shift which meant my morning was free. Ordinarily I’d just sleep til noon before rolling out of bed to get on a call, but determined to preserve the positive vibes last weekend set into motion, I decided it best if I force myself to experience daylight. To prevent cheating I made an appointment to get my hair cut...  

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