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Sunday, 29 May 2011 22:44

When Chickens Fly

I only ask for two things out of the airplanes I travel on: jet-bridge compatibility and propeller free. Yet last week, in a spectacular display of poor planning, my “shuttle” to Portland failed on both counts. Even after imbibing a strong porter (to give me courage), I just don’t understand why, in the world of high speed everything, aircraft manufacturers would choose to build half a plane. But I suppose the answer, like most answers, is because they found someone who would sell it. 

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Monday, 23 May 2011 14:17

Plight of a Square Peg

Last month was a sad one. A close friend of the Sapient Salesman family completed an unfortunate and untimely journey from diagnosis to death in just six short weeks. I don’t share this information lightly, nor for sympathy. Instead I share so you might appreciate the basis for my recent epiphany. We work in an industry that prides itself on rapid change, yet in this situation I applied a double standard and found myself shocked by the rapidity at which life can change. 

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Sunday, 15 May 2011 10:30

Le’go Your Ego

Have you noticed how pilots without fail, moments before you pull into the gate, announce to the cabin: “please remain seated until we turn off the fasten seat belt sign... flight attendants prepare for arrival” and then immediately turn off the seat belt sign?!? Not only is it a waste of words, it just comes off as so egomaniacal as if to say “in case you forgot, even tho we are on the ground, I, the captain, am in charge. And I shall remind you of this by drawing your attention to the seat belt light one last time so you may hang on my words for a few more moments before you depart”. They could just as easily skip it and treat the sentence as most  passengers do: “Flight attendants (on your mark) prepare for arrival (get set)... DING (GO!!!)” 

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