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Thursday, 29 December 2011 00:09

So what’s your story?

It took a weekend in the Caribbean to remind me how much I absolutely *love* talking to strangers. The opportunity that corralling hundreds of tourists around an endless flow of rum punch is like no other. So naturally I spent the bulk of the weekend floating from group to group and [not so] casually inserting myself into their conversations. I made a quality amount of single serving friends, but the fun really kicked into high gear when I secured myself a conversational wing man. A fellow salesman, this guy also appreciated the art of subtly challenging unsuspecting vacationers with deadpan remarks and a charming smile. Before dinner one night, the pickings were slim so we decided to team up and take on a couple by the pool. The approach and introductions seemed to go smoothly until, much to our despair, they didn’t speak English. Fear not though, a strong mix of ego and stubborn encouraged us to muscle through the conversation anyway, but after a fantastic series of hand gestures it quickly became clear that even a conversation about time and weather was futile. 

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Monday, 19 December 2011 00:15

First World Problems

I spent most of the weekend attempting to avert what could prove to be a serious inconvenience. You see I own this shag rug. So when I decided to correct the slight echo my living room currently experiences by extending the noise canceling properties of shag to that side of the room, I once again found myself turning to I had no trouble locating an appropriate companion rug but had difficulty choosing the hue. You see the original purchase didn’t ask me to specify a color, it simply came in the color it is. The coordinating runner, however, is offered in six colors; among them, blue and light blue, and the image depicting the colors lacked any kind of label. Luckily (or so I thought) the rug came in two other sizes, but upon consulting the images on those products’ pages I discovered a startling lack of consensus surrounding which of the blue hues was simply called “blue.” 

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Tuesday, 13 December 2011 00:33

Full Bar

My preferred hotel during trips to corporate HQ is a Holiday Inn Express on El Camino. It satisfies my hotel selection criteria: free food, free internet, a shower head that doesn’t shoot water lasers, firm pillows, and a housekeeping staff that's okay with *not* cleaning my room. While I'm pretty easy to please, such simple luxuries don't come without their share of compromise; this hotel in particular is located in a neighborhood that belongs in a Chris Rock bit. On your way there the view from the window goes something like: liquor store, porn store, liquor store, shady motel. So you can imagine the adventure when Chip, Ned, and I decided to find a bar we could walk to. 

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Tuesday, 06 December 2011 11:13

Trusted Advisor

During an episode of Better Off Ted a friend turned to me and announced he knew why I liked the show so much. He explained: "That's how you talk to people, and moreover how you wish people would talk to you. You just like the fast paced dialog because you want it in real life." I laughed slightly embarrassed by the truthful simplicity of the observation; I hadn't felt so unexpectedly and accurately pegged since the first time I took a Myers Briggs back in high school. 

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