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Monday, 31 October 2011 09:34

The Catalog Conundrum

I'm pleased to report the fall edition of Sky Mall made its way to my seat back pocket. Thumbing through it revealed "the world's first cordless window vacuum!" Unfortunately the description doesn't make clear whether the revolution lays in the fact that this manufacturer removed the cord, or whether their genius simply applied cordless vacuum technology to windows. Several additional questions flooded to mind including: how much suction does it take to remove the streaks my knock-off Windex leaves behind? and would this work on tile too, or would the grout nooks disqualify its application? 

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Monday, 24 October 2011 14:30

My Own Little World

I'm frequently amused when people, while stuck in traffic, groom themselves as if their windows don't allow nearby idlers to see in. Initially I wondered how long must one's commute be for you to become nose-picking comfortable, and then I boarded a plane. I've logged several miles in the air this year and for the first 25k I'd keep my laptop cinema PG, but recently I've allowed myself to catch up on past seasons of True Blood. 

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Monday, 17 October 2011 14:33

Double Standard

My friends are weird and I love them for it. I’m wildly more fault tolerant with my friends than I’ve ever been with people which whom I engage romantically, and last week I wondered why. The more I thought about all the socially awkward, idiosyncratic, and often slightly neurotic behaviors my closest friends demonstrate the more it became clear why the double standard manifests: with friends there’s a delineation that doesn’t exist in a relationship. When you’re “with” someone, their oddities reflect on you, and for reasons that will likely make a therapist rich one day, the association weighs on my patience. 

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Monday, 03 October 2011 22:53

Free Trial

One of the lesser known and quite charming side effects of stress are infomercials. Yes, insomnia leads to wakeful nights filled with gadgets to suit your every need. Given the sheer randomness of the items for sale, each with a money back pledge, how do the QVCs of the world possibly make a living? 

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