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Friday, 24 September 2010 20:37

Thru Thick and Thin

Being a Jets fan is remarkably stressful. After week one, the Tuesday morning coach in me had all sorts of ideas about how we coulda/shoulda/woulda done better if we’d only change this or that about our game plan. But the coaching staff had another plan. They had them go out there this week and play their game: play like a Jet! The resulting come from behind victory not only restored my confidence in my QB and the Jet’s ability to look like an NFL team, but it also got me thinking about the value of going back to basics. 

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Friday, 17 September 2010 20:36

The Five Dollar Haircut

Ice cream used to come in half gallon cartons, now you find a mere quart and a half on supermarket shelves. Instead of raising the price and having to recondition shopper’s expectation of the cost, ice cream manufacturers just reduced output. Somehow people seem fine with getting 25% less for the same price. Alas, the days of Oprah calling out Tampax for a sudden quantity reduction - ultimately resulting in my favorite corporate non-concession of all time ... the prompt appearance of boxes with “6 more free,” have passed us by. Today, In the world of tangibles commodities, such campaigns are ineffectual. 

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Friday, 10 September 2010 17:35

Complacency: the silent killer

By now you’re probably thinking, “Erin it’s been months - I got it, I am a Sapient Salesman!” Great! I’m glad you feel empowered. But with summer coming to a close, as we hang our bicycles up for the winter, I thought it an appropriate time to warn against complacency. Every day we navigate through a sea of stimuli poised to lead us to our ultimate demise. Overall we do a pretty good job at avoiding obvious death traps: I’ll still look both ways before believing the walk signal and crossing the street. Yet we typically find it more challenging to avoid behavior that “kills you slowly.” Just think of how many smokers out there know it’s bad for them, yet continue to tell themselves, “one more won’t make that much of a difference,” as they puff away. Remember obstacles to prosperity don’t just impact your mortality, they rear their heads in the workplace as well. 

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Friday, 03 September 2010 19:29

Overcoming Naiveté

Remember in school when you would meet someone new and your BIG opening question was: “so... what kind of music do you like?” Such an innocent question, and yet its answer is often filled with subtext. I hated when people ask me that. Never sure whether the person was a closet music buff who would mock me for appreciating the musical styling of Brittney Spears, or just someone who couldn’t come up with a better way to extend a conversation, I found myself responding with: “I like music I know the words to!” Even my deliberately polysemic answer illuminates a fundamental shortcoming of humans: we like what we know. 

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