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Despite what we learned in kindergarten about not judging a book by its cover, and how it’s a person’s inside that really matters, we remain a relatively superficial society. Frankly, I’m okay with that. It annoys me, however, how we let this subconscious judgement weasel its way into our sales practices. You know that song that goes “anything you can do I can do better...?” Listening to us sell against competition reminds me of that every time. “What they have quotes?!? Well our quotes are better!” Perhaps it’s time to change the game. 

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Friday, 20 August 2010 20:27

I’d like to buy a vowel!

Every game show has a gimmick. On Lingo, my personal favorite, you are rewarded for “lingos” with “bonus letters” that you then use to help you solve the puzzles in the bonus round. Most shows sport this method - throughout the game you earn, or win, or find a token that increases your likelihood of winning the big prize at the end. These bonuses generally find themselves tightly tied to chance and don’t ask the contestant to sacrifice anything. At least not to the extent to which it does in Wheel of Fortune. There you must BUY vowels to help you solve the puzzle. Why? Because vowels make or break a word; without vowels you can only ponder. Hmm... 

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People say silicon valley was founded by proud members of the autism spectrum. Having spent most of my adult life navigating the minefield of idiosyncratic behavior many uber geeks lay, I’d believe it. The engineer charm makes way for exceptional development power which yields truly valuable solutions. I often joke: there’s only so much room in one mind ... you can’t expect me to be clever and nice at the same time. But this got me thinking, do successful CRM adoptions fall on a spectrum as well? 

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Friday, 06 August 2010 18:23

Welcome to the Rat Hole

Last night my doorbell rang with a gentlemen trying to sell me lawn care service. I greeted him with a smile and my typical warm "you're not trying to sell me something, are you?" To which he replied: "Well I noticed you had some large weeds growing in the parkway." Amused by his critical retort I declared, "The city planted those special for me!" I had him hooked - the sheer obscurity of my comment thru him so off his game that he actually started to launch into a full on hard sell about weed control - when Calvin stepped in and saved him. This door-to-door solicitation went better to than the last one, where a girl from ADT took one look at me and led with: "Hello is your mom or dad home?" :-) But in fairness to the lawn guy, he had no way of knowing he was knocking on the door of a woman whose #1 favorite pastime is messing with strangers. This event did get me thinking though. 

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