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Friday, 30 July 2010 20:12

“Can” gets complicated

Whenever people find out I work for a software company they consider it an open invitation to inquire about every idiosyncratic thing their printer has done in that last year. “Erin! Can you fix it?” That’s a dangerous question. Perhaps I can, or at least apply the XKCD support methodology, but just because I work with computers doesn’t mean I also fix furnaces. SugarCRM’s “can do” architecture lends itself to the same kind of trouble. 

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Friday, 23 July 2010 18:06

Advice on a Bottle

On Tuesday, while waiting for a meeting, I found myself reading the side of an old Vitamin Water bottle that I bought while in Canada. At first I became bothered by the lack of nutrition facts, but as I read on I discovered Vitamin Water used the freed label space to render advice: don't exceed 4 bottles a day. What a brilliant idea! Just think of how much more fit a nation we would be if the folks at Nabisco took that liberty and in lieu of a overly granular break down of saturated fat and sodium content, decided instead to ambiguously recommend consumers stick to less than 7 Oreos a day. We manage refrain from over dosing on Tylenol given the same vague instruction; maybe enigmatic junk food labeling is the passive aggressive push we need to choose a healthy lifestyle? But since I don't see the FDA changing the regulations any time soon, let's make the best of the wisdom bestowed by our northern neighbors. 

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It upsets me how similar the states of our great union look from 7 miles up. As a card carrying urbanite, I prefer to believe my city stands apart from the 19 others I pass on my way home; yet at this distance the differentiation remains allusive. While pressured to sell the “big picture” and to “focus on the value” we run the risk of delivering an overview that’s so high level it loses differentiation. In an effort to recover, we often embark on a journey to the opposite extreme: demo shiny features. To successfully navigate this divide takes careful balance and clever spin. 

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Friday, 09 July 2010 20:04

Ask Sisyphus about simple!

In our first installment since my ‘official’ shift to sales I thought it a great time to discuss transitioning. During my tenure with support I had the pleasure of addressing many a complaint from customers who felt mislead about what it really takes to migrate from one system to another, and I think the driving force stemmed from a failure to distinguish between ‘hard’ and ‘tedious’ during the sales pitch. 

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At recent CRM Accelerations I had the opportunity to watch several presentations on the social aspects of CRM. Speakers demonstrated how leveraging social tools allow marketing and sales reps to listen better and adapt their communications accordingly. Sugar6 supports this market shift quite well but in doing so, introduced a level of complexity which seemingly rendered us passive.  

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