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Friday, 31 December 2010 12:31

Welcome Aboard

Just before commencing my journey back to Chicago, I attended one final meeting at corporate HQ where, in light of my raging head cold, was warned that without proper medication I was liable to rupture an ear drum on the flight home. My ears were aching at the time, and I hadn’t exactly gotten much sleep the two previous nights, so I may have over-heeded this warning, but the whole idea really gave me pause. Sugar offers some sort of accidental death and dismemberment insurance while traveling for work, but does that policy protect against accidental deaf and dismemberment too? Furthermore do eardrums even grow back? I mean I have contingency plans in place for the untimely loss of many core functions: the one handed keyboard will accommodate the occasional phalange injury, a roller skate secured to a bum leg allows my bowling approach to roll forward, even a series of pulleys are placed on standby should I ever find myself without the capacity to self hoist, but frankly I’m not sure what I’d do to synthesize hearing in a pinch.

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Have you ever spent an evening in a heated discussion with your spouse only to find yourself standing alone in the kitchen wondering how the hell, after all that, they managed to completely miss your point? It’s even worse when this happens at work. You spend months carefully crafting a project plan, developing specific use cases and mile stones to track progress, and yet when it’s time to roll it out, much to your dismay, the idea of the solution proves way cooler than its actuality. This has been happening since I was 6 when I suspected Santa was the victim of identity theft and, even worse, my dad was the perpetrator. I call him out on it and sure enough, I get the truth so there I am, in Kindergarten, feeling bad for all my friend’s parents who have gave and gave with no credit for their efforts. Yeah... I might have been the one who missed the point then, but give me a break, I was 6! 

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Friday, 17 December 2010 11:44

The Sapient Substitute Goes to Dreamforce

I had the unusual and quasi entertaining experience of joining the Sapient Substitute, Joe, and a new prospective client for dinner last night. Joe had just returned from Dreamforce and eagerly shared his new found CRM clarity. Having been thoroughly acculturated, and ready to leap into the fray, it was nearly impossible to keep a straight face during the story that ensued. Bring on the potential customers, he began, is such a great product that people will queue up around the block to buy it. The client arrived just following this proselytism.

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Friday, 10 December 2010 10:12

The good old ‘bait and switch’

These days finding opportunities to hone your hunter-gatherer skills can prove quite difficult. It’s no wonder people think Darwin is dead. Luckily, black Friday supplies our modern society with the chance to throw some elbows and remind yourself that should this global warming thing ring true, if push came to shove, you’d kick butt during the pre-ice age looting. 

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Friday, 03 December 2010 07:15

Who says you can’t hammer in a screw?!?

A big bank decides to acquire a rock star investment firm because quarter after quarter their numbers have vastly exceeded the bank’s own and it’s time to shake things up. Yet the first post acquisition docket item is to fire all the old staff. Those people didn't fit within the corporate mold and had no place in "ma bank’s" people paradigm. After a few years of coasting along on solely the acquisition’s name recognition, their momentum petered out and they found themselves right back where they started: failing. 

Published in Sapient Salesman

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