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Friday, 29 October 2010 20:45

Technological Inertia

Remember the days when you vehemently opposed getting a smart phone? You hated how your husband couldn’t seem to leave it alone for a entire meal and you vowed to forgo the hyper-connectivity in favor of actual human interaction. Remember teasing everyone about how their blackberry was simply too big for your dainty pockets? Going on to preach how the last thing you need is to give your mom another reason to criticize your purse-free lifestyle. And really, who needs that much access anyway? You’re online all day, when you’re out, it’s because you need to put the Internet down! 

... okay, maybe that was just me ... 

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Friday, 22 October 2010 20:44

The sky’s the limit?

When you think of taking a software platform vertically and how it effects your target base, what shape comes to mind? The people I spoke to fell into two opinion camps, but shared the same model: triangle. Both felt that as you pursue a specific vertical you narrowed the field of potential prospects. For some, this focus afforded them a way to differentiate and spend time with a smaller, more targeted audience who subsequently proved more profitable than what the wider net yielded. Others believe this convergence brings risk and makes constricting markets more difficult to navigate. Each camp has valid arguments, but as we reorganize our sales team I question the accuracy of the triangular model. 

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Friday, 15 October 2010 18:43

Tunnel Vision

I tell myself my love for puzzles stems from how they exercise your mind and provide for convenient mental breaks, but I know the real enjoyment comes from winning. Solving riddles faster, better, more elegantly than someone else, makes it all worthwhile. So when my buddy C-Rob sent me a video challenge last week, I immediately put down the coffee and got my game face on. Every salesman I know houses more than a few competitive bones in their skeletons so I thought why not share fun? 

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Friday, 08 October 2010 20:43

Window Shopping

Since I relocated my desk from the living room to the den, I’m reminded daily what a difference new windows make. Which, in turn, reminded me of the shenanigans that ensued last year while window shopping. I entered the purchasing decision process the same way most of our prospects do: relatively naively. Much like our customers, I armed myself with some preconceived misconceptions, and went out in search of quotes. Three vendors volunteered to come out and evaluate my window needs. 

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Friday, 01 October 2010 18:38

Sell Gleefully

The new fall season has officially begun and I am totally stoked! While watching the season premiere of Glee, my husband, true to form, mocked me for the stupid grin I had on my face during their performance of “Empire State of Mind.” And so what? If I had any glimmer of tone or rhythm I’d be all over starting a neighborhood glee club! Instead, however, I must resign myself to the delusion that my spectacular lack of artistic ability left room in my brain for logic and reason. A skill set that, much to my despair, people refuse leverage during purchasing decisions. But maybe the reason I grin like the Cheshire cat isn’t because I’m a sucker for choreographed pop songs, but instead results from the contagious nature of positive energy? 

Published in Sapient Salesman

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