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The following is an analysis of the merits of taking your Social Security benefits at age 62 vs. age 66. This discussion assumes two conditions: that you stop working at or before age 62, and that you have an IRA investment account that is funded from an IRA, 401K, or lump sum distribution from a pension plan.


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As a part-time editor, and exiguous contributor for the Salesman, I sometimes undertake research projects. Granted these forays into dusty archives usually arise more out of ennui than any real desire to learn anything new, but as I thumbed through antique and yellowing newspapers (yes, they once actually printed the news on paper) I found the following published in the Chicago Tribune on Tuesday, January 18, 1994. 


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The Sapient Substitute: What happens when your tidbit-teer takes a week off.

Erin Wilson is the author and publisher of the Sapient Salesman

A "sapient salesman"?

 A sapient salesman is tasked with being a psychologist, technologist, empathist, humorist, conversationalist, and a dozen other “ists” in the course of practicing their salescraft. Most people can’t wear that many hats, and these tidbits are designed to minimize your millinery mandates. Read more

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Look for The Sapient Salesman: Spinning Life into Lessons, One Tale at a Time on later this year!

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