06 Jun 2014

After driving along the rental return road for so long I actually thought I had missed the turn off, I finally arrive at the Hertz counter and happily hand off my temporary Fiat. While waiting for the lady to issue me a receipt I decide to get ready for pre-check. I chug what’s left of my water, retrieve my driver’s license, and place it in my phone holster for quick access before powering toward the shuttles. As I turn the corner to discover a bus for terminal C standing by, I realize I don’t know if there’s pre-check in C. Looking to avoid another contruction cock block, I text Jason who - despite being painfully under-familiar with the local shower scene - remains the resident DFW expert to ask. 

 Unimpressed by his response time, I turn to the internet. Again I whip out my phone and begin to google, only this time - without the added “distraction” of walking - I realize the pocket felt thin. Upon further review, a self-inflicted patdown, spinning around in circles twice (just in case it tried to hide behind me), and one third party confirmation… it was official: my driver’s license escaped. Over the next 30 seconds, the following ran thru my head:

Man, I don’t want to ride this stupid bus back.
I wonder if I can talk my way thru TSA.
What are the odds of it still being there anyway?
Between the CCW, press pass, CC, and my vast knowledge of my personal information, they’ll *totally* let me on the plane.
I wonder if we can just radio over there …
but then I have to talk to the bus lady …
Wait, I still have my passport with me from Canada, fuck it - I can get home!

After retrieving my Nexus card, I sit down to plan my next move. Part of me still felt like the responsible thing to do was attempt a rescue mission, but that’s a lot of work and I really didn’t want to be one of those people rushing about the airport like amateurs. So I decide to explore a path of lesser resistance: if I can order a replacement online before I get to the terminal - I’d abandon my lost license. Sure enough, even after typing my CVV code wrong once, I beat the bus. What a testament to the simplicity of the Florida DMV’s website.

Sadly, I just bragged about how my DL had the gold star necessary for automated replacement services the other day, and I realize now I totally jinxed myself with my smugness, but nevertheless the process made me think about how people choose one solution over another. As prospects weigh their short term goals (get on a plane un-sweaty), over their long term ones (drive legally), how can we influence where they perceive balance? All else being equal, can we tip the scales in our favor while attending only in spirit? When selling to LOB folks, or anyone lacking true equity in the company, how can we stop them from abandoning the vision for the sake of simplicity now? Because at the end of the day people are lazy, and few feel they’ll remain at the firm long enough to witness the vision materialize. Perhaps the answer, then, is to simply make buying simple.

So this week, give ‘em an easy out. After all the selling is over, before you send them off to simmer, set up their proverbial shopping cart. When completing a purchase, accomplishing a goal, takes but a few clicks - instead of a pen, a lawyer, and a UPS man - certainly the scale will tip your way.

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