15 Dec 2014

So I decided to bake today… and true to fridge form I was without eggs at the time I settled on this bright idea. Never discouraged, I thought to myself “there’s got to be a decent egg-less cookie recipe out there,” so I turned to Google for help. As I assembled the ingredients listed in the “Edible Egg-less Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough” recipe, I noticed an absence of any leavening agent. No worries though, I just added some baking powder. I even preheated the oven to 350 degrees - mom would be so proud. In fact, I didn’t have to consult the directions at all - between my mom and Alton Brown, the basic technique for cookie assembly has taken up permanent residence in my mind. That is until it came time to set the timer… 

I figured it’d be somewhere between 10 and 15 minutes, but I decided to check to see if the egg-less thing made a difference. It was right about this moment when I realized why there was no baking soda in the recipe - this dough was intended to be eaten straight, not baked. 

As I attempted to reel in Ralph’s confectionery expectations and explained the situation, I couldn’t help but think about all the eyes of all the salesmen who’ve ever attended a product release meeting. The glaze that washes over these rooms puts even the best sugar cookie coatings to shame. But you can’t really blame us, can you? Generally speaking, our disengagement doesn’t stem from disinterest. Quite the opposite in fact!

As salesmen, it’s in our nature to get excited about future features. When we get wind that a coveted component is coming, it’s hard not to start fantasizing about how we’re going to sell the hell out of it. So, how do we defend against sharing half baked ideas? How can we put aside the excitement long enough to consume the whole story?

Honestly I have no idea. I’ve spent my lifetime proudly spinning a morsel into a meal. But I do know - as I think we’d all agree - that when it comes to sales, you really need to know how the solution really works before you promise your clients a treat. 

So this week, listen to the whole briefing. Sure sometimes your gut will cover your butt and the cookies will come out okay, but most of the time you’ll just end up with a big mess on your hands. Since no one likes to start the year with a messy pipeline, pay attention to your product people. 

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