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Dream Date

Last Saturday Ralph and I decided to go to the Festival of Chocolate. We really had no idea what to expect, but what we found was better than even I could have imagined; we stumbled on to, what could only be described as, a teenage boy’s dream date. First, the festival took place at the Miami Auto Museum. So sprinkled amongst the booths of chocolatiers, was a very interesting collection of autos from classic and contemporary cinema. Candy and cars, already much more than we could ask for. 

Welcome Aboard

Just before commencing my journey back to Chicago, I attended one final meeting at corporate HQ where, in light of my raging head cold, was warned that without proper medication I was liable to rupture an ear drum on the flight home. My ears were aching at the time, and I hadn’t exactly gotten much sleep the two previous nights, so I may have over-heeded this warning, but the whole idea really gave me pause. Sugar offers some sort of accidental death and dismemberment insurance while traveling for work, but does that policy protect against accidental deaf and dismemberment too? Furthermore do eardrums even grow back? I mean I have contingency plans in place for the untimely loss of many core functions: the one handed keyboard will accommodate the occasional phalange injury, a roller skate secured to a bum leg allows my bowling approach to roll forward, even a series of pulleys are placed on standby should I ever find myself without the capacity to self hoist, but frankly I’m not sure what I’d do to synthesize hearing in a pinch.

Repeat Business

I spent the last week out at corporate headquarters where, among other things, I reimplemented my old habit of hoarding receipts and fulfilling my quarterly restaurant patronage quota. Halfway through my first Californian lunch of the new year I realized wasn’t issued a receipt for my sandwich. Where I come from such a party foul would result in my entitlement to a free lunch, but not here apparently. As I joked about my displeasure with such a small establishment strong arming me into returning, I remembered a conversation from earlier in the day where we discussed the merits of automatically renewing the contracts for our smallest customers.

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