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One for me, one for you

I’ve never been a terribly spiritual person, so when my friends try to talk me into things like yoga or meditation, pointing out how all the breathing makes it “an experience,” the argument falls on skeptic ears. Maggy's persistence paid off tho. You can officially call me a fan of yoga, well hot yoga at least. There’s something about sweating buckets in a 110ºF room while standing on one leg that really hinders my ability to think about anything else. Pair that with all the stretching, and FINE! it is relaxing. 

Well, Obviously!

People who know me know, you can count on one hand the number of things for which I will voluntarily cease slumber before 9am. Shopping tops the list. More specifically warehouse sales; combine spectacular savings and summer mother daughter bonding, and you have yourself a solid reason to get up and go. This year my mom and I expand our H2O+ posse when we called Maggy up from the minor league ranks of Wilton Tent Sale roster. You see, the H2O+ sale is an event. We’ve been going for years, and have braved everything from freezing rain to sunburn and dehydration while waiting for our turn in the warehouse, and the experiences have bred certain wisdom. 

Erin Wilson is the author and publisher of the Sapient Salesman

A "sapient salesman"?

 A sapient salesman is tasked with being a psychologist, technologist, empathist, humorist, conversationalist, and a dozen other “ists” in the course of practicing their salescraft. Most people can’t wear that many hats, and these tidbits are designed to minimize your millinery mandates. Read more

The Book

Look for The Sapient Salesman: Spinning Life into Lessons, One Tale at a Time on later this year!

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