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Clean Screen

There I was, about to commence the writing of this week’s Sapient and my screen has some schmutz on it. So tactical Erin grabbed a tissue, licked it and cleaned off my screen. Lucas, the new guy, looked over at me horrified and clutching a monitor cleaning kit he retrieved from his bag and explained how he would have shared if I had only asked. 

Cutting Corners

Some people call it trust, others write it off as “having faith,” I prefer to think of it as being efficient, but in the end, all the rationalization in the world won’t save you from the chaos caused by neglecting to review the information others share. When I heard how a Google skim-job and haste-fully chosen hotel room left Mary with a reservation in Santa Fe, New Mexico instead of the Santa Fe neighborhood of Mexico City, I thought: “Great Sapient!” Mary's story carried top billing for two days, until my laziness played directly into Chuck’s hand and set me up to “one up” her. 

Erin Wilson is the author and publisher of the Sapient Salesman

A "sapient salesman"?

 A sapient salesman is tasked with being a psychologist, technologist, empathist, humorist, conversationalist, and a dozen other “ists” in the course of practicing their salescraft. Most people can’t wear that many hats, and these tidbits are designed to minimize your millinery mandates. Read more

The Book

Look for The Sapient Salesman: Spinning Life into Lessons, One Tale at a Time on later this year!

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