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Selective Storytelling

I boast to “live life for the story,” but unfortunately life delivers the sales tales you have come to enjoy hidden under sea of fluff. It wasn’t until yesterday, after my buddy JT shared with me his version of Saturday evening, that I fully appreciated the reflexive nature of my editing. 

Erin Wilson is the author and publisher of the Sapient Salesman

A "sapient salesman"?

 A sapient salesman is tasked with being a psychologist, technologist, empathist, humorist, conversationalist, and a dozen other “ists” in the course of practicing their salescraft. Most people can’t wear that many hats, and these tidbits are designed to minimize your millinery mandates. Read more

The Book

Look for The Sapient Salesman: Spinning Life into Lessons, One Tale at a Time on later this year!

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