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Put that on a T-shirt and wear it!

Okay, so I’m one of those people who thinks through hypothetical conversations. Now I know most scenarios will never materialize, but I nevertheless enjoy the “just in case” exercise. As a kid, I would get really pissed when by some random turn of events, the rehearsed conversation would come to fruition and the other party had the nerve to go off script. These days I’ve succumbed to the idea that people think for themselves, and instead apply my internal narrations to more practical things like blogging, or game night. 

Money Pit on a Stick

Yesterday Calvinn and I went looking for a broom at Target, and after thorough perusal of the cleaning equipment isle I noticed a new product by 3M that basically rubs the floor and allegedly gathers up pet hair. I immediately thought this device might finally put the battle of Fetsko v. bird feathers to an o’ so victorious end. That was until I realized said device required special sheets, and didn’t actually perform any cleaning function on its own. These sheets came at a premium too... at 50% of the cost of the “broom,” I quickly deemed the nonsense yet another example of a “money pit on a stick.” 

One for me, one for you

I’ve never been a terribly spiritual person, so when my friends try to talk me into things like yoga or meditation, pointing out how all the breathing makes it “an experience,” the argument falls on skeptic ears. Maggy's persistence paid off tho. You can officially call me a fan of yoga, well hot yoga at least. There’s something about sweating buckets in a 110ºF room while standing on one leg that really hinders my ability to think about anything else. Pair that with all the stretching, and FINE! it is relaxing. 

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